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Provides Services to
Children with all Abilities.

Court Ordered Classes

Our classes are developed to provide parents with the necessary skills and tools to provide their children with a stable, safe environment, and proper discipline with love. In most cases, the courses must be successfully completed and shown to the court for parents to be given custody or visitation rights. Every class is different, however, they generally cover the same core topics that are important for all parents to know. These include, but are not limited to, the following:​


  • Family Disputes: Family conflict refers to active opposition between family members. Because of the nature of family relationships, it can take a wide variety of forms, including verbal, physical, sexual, financial, or psychological.

  • Parent – Child Communication: It is very important for parents to be able to communicate openly and effectively with their children. Open, effective communication benefits not only the children, but every member of the family. Relationships between parents and their children are greatly improved when there is effective communication taking place. In general, if communication between parents and their children is good, then their relationships are good as well.

  • Child Abuse Prevention: Prevention is the best way to reduce child abuse and neglect and improve the lives of children and families. Child abuse prevention programs can protect families and save the lives of children but they require commitment from parents, individuals, and community organizations.

  • Raising Child in Health Environment: Each child is unique, and different behaviors require a particular approach of parenting. The best place to raise a child is a home where discipline and open communication comes hand in hand.

  • Co-Parenting: Co-Parenting is when parents who have separated or divorced continue to work together to raise their child or children. This may require a lot of communication, teamwork, and problem solving, but is worth it if it means increased stability for the child or children.

  • Living in a Healthy and Safe Community: A safe and healthy community is one where people know and trust their neighbors and have reliable access to critical government services. Safe and healthy residents lead to stronger, more resilient communities.

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